Training Partner: Explore Arlandastad’s management is solution-oriented and responsive!ad och lyhörd!

Together, bang on, and built on trust. That best describes Training Partner and Explore Arlandastad’s journey together.

Training Partner offers a complete range of services in the automotive industry from premises at Drivelab BIG and at Drivelab Center. It has the space and opportunities for event venues, meeting rooms, workshops, and test tracks, complete with Training Partner’s technical training solutions for any type of vehicle, from motorcycles and cars to forest machines and lorries.

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Why Explore Arlandastad? Cluster thinking and location, location, location!

Magnus Almquist, Training Partner’s CEO, has a simple answer to why Explore Arlandastad is the perfect location for Training Partner – cluster and location.

— Sharing premises with like-minded companies is ideal. There are so many advantages to being a cluster of businesses with similar needs and similar target markets. Add Explore Arlandastad’s strategic location and you’ve got an unbeatable combination.

Explore Arlandastad’s cluster thinking creates real value for you as a tenant!

Explore Arlandastad takes cluster thinking to new levels, and works hard to bring together the businesses here in new collaborations. Magnus has a key piece of advice for future ventures thinking of setting up here.

— Go for it. Dare to collaborate. As a tenant it will add real value to your business. I can really recommend setting up here to any venture working with the automotive industry.

Bespoke space – Responsive management

Over the years, Training Partner has steadily expanded its operations at Explore Arlandastad.

— We’ve had a say in the design of our premises, and the result is tailor-made spaces that are perfect for us. Our customers have everything they need for their training, and we at Training Partner appreciate our working environment and being able to combine both technical and theoretical training at the same site, says Magnus, who notes the ingenious structural solutions possible because of their close collaboration with Explore Arlandastad.

Explore Arlandastad is all about development and opportunity!

— We’ve never heard a no; this is service-minded, solution-oriented, responsive management. Decision paths are short and Explore Arlandastad is all about development and opportunity!

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