Sustainability – Entrusted with the future, building for the future

We have been entrusted with developing a greenfield site, and with that comes great responsibility. In our sustainability strategy we have committed to systematic, constant improvements and an ever-closer collaboration with our partners and the businesses that establish themselves in Explore Arlandastad.

Explore Arlandastad is owned by Arlandastad Group which property company that identifies strategic areas of land and develops property. The world today faces the towering challenge of climate change. As a property developer, it is Arlandastad Group’s ambition to be in the vanguard of environmental responsibility. Our holistic approach to long-term ownership and land management for sustainable urban development is evident at Explore Arlandastad. We are building for a sustainable future. 

Priorities and goals 

The Brundtland Report (1987) guides all our efforts to promote sustainability as defined in three ways: ecological sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability. Working from the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Arlandastad Group has prioritised the following areas for its sustainability work. 

Sustainable energy for all 

Everyone should be treated equally and enjoy the same opportunities, be it starting a family or pursuing a career. We are working to ensure a greater gender balance and equal pay for equal work. Equality also means no one should be treated differently because of their background, ethnicity, or religion. Harassment and discrimination of all kinds are unacceptable, whether in the workplace or elsewhere. 

Gender equality 

When designing, building, and managing properties, the construction methods and operating systems we use are a major factor. We use only renewable energy in our properties, we work continually to improve our energy efficiency, and we support the development of new technology. 
We have undertaken to cut our own and our customers’ energy needs, to use only renewable energy, to move to generating our own renewable energy, and to invest in energy-saving technology. 

Decent work and sustainable economic growth

Discrimination and harassment have no place at Explore Arlandastad. We place high demands on our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the same standards for quality, sustainability, and working conditions are met on all points. This places high demands on our own follow-up processes. All suppliers must sign up to our Code of Conduct. 
We work continually to be a best practice working environment, free from negative stress, and offering a safe workplace free from accidents, and we reject corruption. 

Sustainable cities and communities 

It should be easy to move around our properties and access them without a car. Tenants and visitors should feel safe in all our properties, which have been designed with a natural aesthetic and strong appreciation for plants and other greening elements. 
We thus prioritise tenants with environmental certification, recognised environmental certification for new builds, and a continual reduction in our and our customers’ consumption. We are increasing the proportion of repurposed, recycled, and renewable materials we use, and all our properties must be designed to be safe, secure, and healthy. Our ambition is to use new technology, new research, and new innovations in sustainability throughout our business. 

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Neighbourhood by neighbourhood, street by street, square metre by square metre. Explore Arlandastad is in the heart of Mälardalen, 20 minutes from Uppsala, 25 minutes from Stockholm, and 5 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

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