About Explore Arlandastad – Space to think big 

The future is closer than you think. It’s between Stockholm and Uppsala, just round the corner from the rest of the world. That’s where you’ll find Explore Arlandastad – a unique zoned development with every opportunity to create the business future of your dreams.

Its location in expansive Mälardalen makes it an obvious meeting place, and an easy place to reach and enjoy everything it has to offer. It has large, flexible spaces where ideas can take flight, today and every day.

It has the space to think big and the space for you to grow – let’s do it together.

Where history meets potential

A historic location next door to Sweden’s first ever town, Sigtuna; next door to Sweden’s largest international airport; between Stockholm and Uppsala: that’s Explore Arlandastad. The idea of an airport city was born in the 1970s, but the plans were put on ice for the time being. Sweden’s banking and property crisis in the 1990s took the gloss off what otherwise were promising plans for an airport city.

Despite its superb location it was pretty much forgotten until early 2000, when the company led by the property developer Per Taube saw it for what it was: a place with real potential. With long-term plans for a business park near Sweden’s capital in expansive Mälardalen, they acquired a 600-acre plot of land alongside the airport. In 2022, additional land was acquired and today Explore Arlandastad has no less then 716-acres close to the airport.  

Its location and the large, flexible spaces it offered made it unique from the start. Today, Explore Arlandastad is the destination of choice for companies and people who want to meet and develop businesses and ideas. Its name says it all, combining its visionary approach with practical encouragement for anyone ready to step into the future, establish their business, and build exciting collaborations. Easy and accessible, wherever you’re coming from.

About Arlandastad Group

Long-term investment centred on profitability

Explore Arlandastad is owned by Arlandastad Group AB, a private company that invests long-term, uninfluenced by fashions in politics. As a concept-driven company we work with property and concept development, developing properties and sites with great potential. We plan for sustainable and profitable futures for everyone, whether we’re identifying tenants, developing projects, or realising concepts.

Explore Arlandastad – Part of Airport City Stockholm

Airport City Stockholm is a collaboration between Swedavia, Sigtuna Municipality, and Arlandastad Group AB. We’re working towards a city close to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, with rail and road connections, which will make opportunities for people to meet, careers to grow, and businesses to develop.