Step by step establishment

Become part of Explore Arlandastad. Become a company that invests in something bigger. Become a stakeholder, building something from scratch. Find the perfect premises and move straight in. Or tailor the premises to your needs.

Every way into Explore Arlandastad is unique. Each new venture is the only one of its kind!

But we all share one thing – we all have room to grow here!

So we want to show you one of all the ways to Explore Arlandastad, so you can see what it can be like, step by step!

Perhaps you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who go through Explore Arlandastad every day. Perhaps you’re looking for a prime location between Stockholm and Uppsala. Perhaps you want to be near to Arlanda. Explore Arlandastad is just what you’re looking for! Perhaps you’re the one we’re looking for. You’re the perfect complement, our first choice to strengthen the synergies we all enjoy at Arlandastad. However we find each other, though, that’s where our journey together begins!

What makes for a good collaboration? It all starts with that first contact followed by open communication. We’re looking forward to showcasing Explore Arlandastad! We’ll show you the location and our properties. We’ll show thriving ventures. We’ll show you all the spaces we have and we’ll set out our plans. But most important – we’ll listen to what you want! Tell us about your enterprises, your needs, your objectives and wishes. You’ll come away from our meetings knowing the added value Explore Arlandastad offers!

If your needs match the opportunities Explore Arlandastad can offer, we can move forward together. It’s time for estimates, drafts, plans, and presentations. New build? Rebuild? Modify an existing building? A customised solution? This is the time for hard thinking!
Because we believe it’s the ability to think in new ways which is the difference between followers and leaders. We are entrepreneurs through and through, and every client benefits from our curiosity and alertness. We move fast and don’t get bogged down in irrelevancies. We lead the way rather than follow the herd. We believe in Explore Arlandastad and our partners, and above all we believe in the future.

It’s wonderful to be visionary, but it’s just as important to be businesslike. Now is the time to discuss terms and to detail everything from the exact size of the property and responsibilities to tenancies and prices. Everything needed for a smooth, secure Explore Arlandastad enterprise, down to the last detail.

Good collaborations are based on clear, transparent agreements. We are inspired by bold visions, but we live for firm decisions and seeing things happen. We take responsibility, we keep our promises, we think sustainably and look to the long term. We know that being well run is what builds lasting, trusting business relationships. An agreement is an agreement; our word is our bond. Time to sign!

Congratulations! Becoming part of Explore Arlandastad is something to celebrate. We’ll announce our collaboration and our future together through our usual channels and on all our platforms.

The final preparation phase is often the most exciting. It’s when we build, adapt, and prepare everything for you. Explore Arlandastad is an achiever. Developing a site is not an end in itself. We don’t build properties, we realise dreams. We exist because there is a need for spaces, visions, and fruitful meetings. We recognise potential and work to achieve every opportunity. We straighten out any issues and solve any problems that arise. For each property, the construction phase is all about preparing for change – and for the future.

The day we have all been waiting for. Once the final inspection is complete it’s time to sign for the keys and be shown round your new premises.

The moment has come to move in and make any last minute adjustments! It’s an exciting phase when the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place, revealing the final picture that will meet your employees, partners, and customers. The property is yours, you’re up and running, and the future is yours with Explore Arlandastad!

The management phase. An unglamorous way of describing what we know will be our unique journey together, as our collaboration brings synergies to all concerned! Here at Explore Arlandastad management means responsiveness. Continual improvements. More opportunities. It means we’re with you every step of the way, looking for the best solutions. We believe collaboration is the fastest route to success, and success means profitable business synergies.