Scandinavian XPO – Phase 2

Scandinavian XPO, where Scandinavia meets, is a huge draw, bringing people and companies to Explore Arlandastad. Fairs, meetings, events, exhibitions, concerts, experiences: Scandinavian XPO has staged them all in its prime location between Stockholm and Uppsala, with the world on the doorstep. Best of all – you can get in on the ground floor!

Offer more, attract more! 

Scandinavian XPO Phase 2 means more space for more people!  It offers large, flexible spaces where ideas can take flight – today and every day. Plans include an expanded range of restaurants and other services, co-working, and a business centre. Location, location, location and the promise of future expansion make the event and exhibition spaces the perfect place for companies, staff, and customers far and near. And there is plenty of office space that you can tailor to your business.

Prime development in a prime location

Scandinavian XPO puts people first, and that is what makes Explore Arlandastad the regional, national and international destination of choice. Scandinavian XPO offers 40,000 square metres of space: besides three exhibition halls,  there are lounge areas, hotels, conference facilities, restaurants, bars, a fitness centre, golf, a medical practice, and space for even more enterprises that are ready to grow.

Are you ready to be part of Scandinavian XPO?
We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Foto på leende Catarina Sjömark iklädd kavaj och ljusblå blus
Catarina Sjömark

Project Manager
Big ideas needs space to fly!

Erik Nyberg Projektchef, Arlandastad Group
Erik Nyberg

Project manager 
Bring your ideas to me! 


Our projects

Visionsbild stadsdel 6

Explore Arlandastad Area 6

Area 4 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. The area greets anyone leaving the E4 motorway for Stockholm Arlanda Airport – an obvious opportunity to market your business to the hundreds of thousands of people going past on their way to and from the airport.

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Visionbild Explore Arlandastads Training Academy

Explore Arlandastad Training Academy

Explore Arlandastad is the ideal place for a community of sports, health, and innovation.

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Autonom fullstor buss i närbild

Completed pilot study on autonomous large electric buses

Together with RISE, Vy, Adastec and Applied Autonomy, Arlandastad Group has started a unique project with full-size autonomous buses in Explore Arlandastad. The goal is to investigate the conditions for introducing full-size autonomous buses for commercial traffic between Arlandastad and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

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New multi-storey

Convenient, safe and plenty of space. To increase access, we will be building a new multi-storey next to DRIVELAB Center.

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En visionsbild av företagsparken F60 i Arlandastad illustrerad ovanifrån med ett flygplan som flyger över platsen

Explore Arlandastad Area 5

Area 5 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. An up-tempo area full of life and movement. Its large spaces are what make it a major venture offering a wide range of experiences. And this is where we are investing in F60 Företagspark – Explore Arlandastad’s business park.

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Visionsbild Drivelab Sales and Service

Drivelab Sales & Service – Phase 2

Our ever-popular Drivelab Sales & Service is an established sales and service area. We are now offering a further 9,000 square metres of success story in a prime location. The business that takes this opportunity will have every chance to tailor the premises to its own specifications.

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Visionsbild utveckling av Drivelab BIG

Drivelab BIG is continuing to grow

When big isn’t big enough. Trucks, buses, motorhomes, and construction, forestry, and agricultural machinery. Large vehicles need lots of space! Drivelab BIG is an ideal space and carefully designed meeting place for the heavy vehicle industry.

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Bake My Day vision picture of the fasade of the bakery

Bake My Day

Things don’t stop at the lease for 10,000 square metres, though, and Bake My Day is continuing to collaborate closely with Explore Arlandastad over the building work, to be done by the in-house construction company Applied Warehouses. By running side by side, the expansion project and the development of its new premises have got an early start.

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Invigning tunnel under E4

Infrastructure – Tunnel and main road

Careful planning and full integration – that is what’s behind Explore Arlandastad’s excellent infrastructure. The new tunnel under the E4 motorway makes for even better access. It is not only the large tunnel; the extension to our main road will soon be finished too.

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Rum från Stockholm Hotel Apartments Arlanda XPOmed trägolv, säng, köksbord för två och en fotölj

Stockholm Hotel Apartments – Extended stays

Stockholm Hotel Apartment is a natural extension of Explore Arlandastad's high-quality accommodation offerings.

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