Heat Express Arlandastad

With a clear focus on high-quality home cooking, Heat Express Arlandastad offers takeaway, space for up to 50 diners, and lots of parking. Heat Express Arlandastad is the first of Explore Arlandastad’s new concept restaurants, concentrating on business lunches and takeaway. 

Every day there is a self-service buffet of hot dishes and a large salad bar with homemade bread. You put together your lunch exactly as you please. Perhaps a rainbow salad one day and a bit of everything the next. The dishes that contain lactose or gluten are clearly marked. There is always a vegetarian dish of the day in addition to the salad bar. The price includes coffee with your meal. Heat Express Arlandastad wants lunch to be a pleasant break from the bustle of the day and for everyone to feel welcome at Heat Express Arlandastad. 

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