Stockholm Hotel Apartments - Explore Arlandastad long stay accommodation   

Well planned and functional. Welcoming and flexible. When Stockholm Hotel Apartments opened, it was with a clear vision - to give Explore Arlandastad an attractive and alternative form of accommodation that makes temporary long-term accommodation comfortable and welcoming! 

Apartments in warm color tones, anthracite gray kitchen, minimalistic accent walls and inviting seating furniture. Kitchenette with induction hob, carefully selected kitchen equipment, refrigerator with freezer compartment. Bathroom with overhead shower, toilet and a commode with good storage options. Thoughtfully planned spaces with room for both meals, sleep and socialising. 

– It is the considerate solutions that builds comfort and makes a difference for everyone who stays away from home for a long time. For example, smart storage is very important, says Stefan Pedersen, Senior Partner Stockholm Hotel Apartments. 

Long stay guests range from business travelers, employees at event companies, training participants or airport-related companies and those who commute regularly to and from Arlanda or nearby areas. 

Stockholm hotel apartments longstay

– It should feel good to stay one night every now and then, as well as regularly for whole weeks or several months. For long-stay guests, the accommodation becomes like a second home, where safety and accessibility are valued as much as flexibility and function. We hope that our lobby with comfortable seating areas, board games and PlayStation corner will be appreciated and we also offer the opportunity to order groceries with different inspirational themes and recipes. 

From the very first discussions and throughout the project, it has been incredibly smooth.

Visionary forward thinking - and a sustainable construction process 

Stockholm Hotel Apartments are located within existing premises at the Scandinavian XPO meeting and event arena, and the entire construction process has been carefully planned to ensure circularity and minimize the carbon footprint. Stefan looks back on a collaboration that was characterized by smooth processes and a common drive forward, despite the pandemic. 

– This is truly visionary and forward thinking, which is very much required to succeed with a construction process and new establishments. From the very first discussions and throughout the project, it has been incredibly smooth. 

Stefan mentions that within Explore Arlandastad there are many companies and initiatives that are based on a common backbone - to find solutions, see opportunities and move forward. 

– We know that here, within Explore Arlandastad, you will find solutions for all situations! Stockholm Hotel Apartments is one piece of the puzzle making Explore Arlandastad a destination with a complete range of different accommodation options for different requirements and lengths of stay.