Space to think big

Neighbourhood by neighbourhood, street by street, square metre by square metre. Explore Arlandastad is in the heart of Mälardalen, 20 minutes from Uppsala, 25 minutes from Stockholm, and 5 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. With its 716 acres it offers large, flexible spaces where tomorrow’s ideas take flight today. 

Cluster thinking and helping our customers’ customers

It’s one thing to develop properties and lease them out. It’s quite another to create ideal conditions for unbeatable synergies every step of the way. Explore Arlandastad captures value by its cluster thinking. We create clusters which directly benefit businesses while giving them the space to help each other progress. Our tenants are our partners. Cluster thinking is inclusive and leads naturally to further collaborations, projects and to synergies that benefit our customers’ customers.

A holistic approach with an eye for detail

The highest standards, meticulously planned down to the last detail. In focusing on business and property development, we work proactively with a comprehensive site plan that will meet future requirements. Our planning always goes hand in hand with infrastructure progress. It means we’re able to move rapidly to realise major developments without losing momentum.

Sustainable holism – for people and environment

In all our projects, we are committed to protecting our local environment, the climate, and our planet. We have been entrusted with developing a greenfield site. It is a trust that comes with important responsibilities. A sustainable environment is also by definition appealing, inclusive, and well functioning. Our goal is to develop environments, both indoors and outdoors, that are just that. Explore Arlandastad works for sustainability now and sustainability in the future.