Improve your game at IMPA Golf XPO! 

IMPA Golf is opening its first training centre at Scandinavian XPO: IMPA Golf XPO. Advanced technology for measuring each shot, four high-speed cameras per launch monitor, and powerful software together provide detailed, accurate club and ball data. Four swing studios equipped with cutting-edge technology from Foresight Sports mean you can play on some of the world’s best courses, from Pebble Beach to the St Andrews Old Course. 

Take your game to the next level and book lessons with our golf coach Carl Fredrik Järrel, one of the founders of IMPA Golf. 

Opening hours 
Monday to Friday 9:00–20:00 
Saturday and Sunday 09:00–18:00 

Hourly rates and individual or company season tickets available, or why not get company membership (1–12 months). Expansion continues in the summer of 2023 when IMPA Golf will join Arlandastad Golf to offer its services year round. 


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