DRIVELAB Stockholm – Training and events hub for the automotive industry

Drivelab Stockholm is a unique and inspiring arena for the automotive industry, strategically placed to attract people and companies from all over the world.

The ideal place for the automotive industry of today to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. A think tank and test facility where the industry, the authorities, research and development leaders, and educators exchange insights. A focus on development, on solutions, and on a better, safer automotive industry. Thanks to the wealth of opportunities Drivelab can offer, it brings together companies and other stakeholders in interest clusters and provides them with state-of-the-art test facilities, a training academy, a top-notch hotel, and service points for vehicles. Everything needed for the automotive industry of tomorrow.

Drivelab Center - utbildningsnavet för lätta fordon

DRIVELAB Stockholm today


Drivelab Center – Training Partners head office The automotive industry’s meeting place of choice for light vehicles with a focus on competence and business development, offering bespoke training in the automotive industry’s various competences and business sectors.

Drivelab BIG  – The ideal training and meeting place for heavy vehicles, with 15,000 square metres on one floor and ample training, set-up, and exhibition spaces throughout the building.

Drivelab Sales & Service – The sales and service area for dealerships, including full-service workshops, windscreen services, retail sales, and a reconditioning service centre.

Test Track 1 – Sweden’s most modern test track, where the automotive industry comes from all over the world for training and to hold product launches and events.

Test Track 2 – A comprehensive and challenging test track designed to test rescue and emergency vehicles to the full.

Test Track Terrain – A flexible test track with a range of terrains for off-road and on-road testing of four-by-fours, including off-roaders and soft-roaders.

Drivelab BIG

When big isn’t big enough

For the biggest, heaviest vehicles we have a large dedicated area that serves as training, set-up, and exhibition space.


Drivelab Sales & Service

Bespoke service as a matter of course

Ours is a full test and validation experience and we have collected all the services you need in one place.

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