Scandinavian XPO – Together to build the place where Scandinavia meets

The consolidation phase has been intense, with clear objectives and extremely high ambitions. Scandinavian XPO is proof of Explore Arlandastad’s visionary commitment to creating unique, attractive meeting places. In February 2021 building was completed and the place where Scandinavia meets opened its doors.

– Building and setting up a new facility of this size means there’ll be fine-tuning to be done, specially at the start. There are times when Explore Arlandastad’s project manager and staff are working with us here on a daily basis. It makes things so much easier if, like us, you have a wonderful property owner who really cares, says Anna Bauer, CEO of Scandinavian XPO.

Flexible spaces that can be adapted for all types of meetings. Large exhibition halls and venues. Conference rooms, hotels, and restaurants. Scandinavian XPO, with the opening of its first phase of 40,000 square metres, has added significantly to Explore Arlandastad’s attractiveness.

As CEO, Anna Bauer brings extensive experience from other exhibition centres, both in Sweden and internationally. She underlines how enjoyable it was to set up Scandinavian XPO, which she sees as the ideal combination of flexibility, functionality, and (unusual for an exhibition centre) a real sense of welcoming charm.

– Instead of anonymous, cavernous boxes, visitors find warm, safe reception areas and sympathetic Scandinavian design. It’s a joined-up holistic approach! From the start we’ve shared a determination to meet every demand put on our technology and logistics by organisers and exhibitors, while the visitor and staff experience on the ground is central, says Anna Bauer.

Scandinavian XPO konferens

She is proud Scandinavian XPO is part of a bigger picture, and together with other stakeholders is making Explore Arlandastad a strong destination.

– The whole area has a high-end profile, and as a stakeholder you are integral to the synergies and collaborations which really benefit your business.

Location, location, location – and Arlanda!

In addition to fully equipped, multipurpose venue spaces, event planners today expect their event and exhibition spaces to be easily accessible and flexible. There is a good reason Scandinavian XPO is the place where Scandinavia meets. It is quick to reach from all the Nordic countries. Arlanda Airport is 5 minutes away, Stockholm is 20 minutes by train (and 40 minutes by road), Uppsala is 20 minutes away (by train and road), and the E4 motorway could not be more convenient.

There’s a good reason Scandinavian XPO calls itself the place where Scandinavia meets.

The location is hard to beat. Explore Arlandastad is so accessible for the businesses here and their employees, and for visitors and deliveries, and just as much for everyone who comes here for conferences and events. People are pushed for time and need easy, sensible transport options, says Anna Bauer, who underlines the environmental factors.

– People will still take the plane to get to meetings and there’s such a pent-up demand to meet in person in comfortable surroundings. What we’ve created here is an attractive hub for meetings and events. Visitors step off the plane and there we are. Scandinavian XPO’s proximity to the airport means real savings in time and emissions.

Scandinavian XPO – Where Scandinavia meets

Scandinavian XPO – Where Scandinavia meets