Scandinavian XPO – Where Scandinavia meets

With its people-focused approach, Scandinavian XPO is what makes Explore Arlandastad a regional, national, and international destination.

What do people need for a world-class experience and a rewarding meeting? An exceptional location and 40,000 square metres of space: besides three exhibition halls, Scandinavian XPO offers lounge areas, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, event spaces, conference rooms, a fitness centre, golf, a medical practice, and a range of fun activities.

Add high-tech logistics and generous car parking and Scandinavian XPO is perfect for organisers, exhibitors, and visitors. It can accommodate up to 8,500 guests so there’s plenty of space for your event: fairs, conferences, gala dinners, concerts, sporting events.

Scandinavian XPO gives complete commitment to the event experience – location and logistics, design and choice of materials, and the range of experiences on offer.

How about 20,000 square meters with more to attract even more?

Scandinavian XPO Phase 2 means more space for more people!  It offers large, flexible spaces where ideas can take flight – today and every day. Plans include an expanded range of restaurants and other services, co-working, and a business centre. Location, location, location and the promise of future expansion make the event and exhibition spaces the perfect place for companies, staff, and customers far and near. And there is plenty of office space that you can tailor to your business. 

The journey for Scandinavian XPO has just begun!  

Scandinavian XPO:s lounge som skapar möjlighet till spontana möten.

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Join us where Scandinavia meets. 

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10 ways to Explore Arlandastad

Ten ways to Explore Arlandastad!

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