F60 – Our Business park close to the airport

Looking for a vibrant community with other strongly performing businesses? F60 is now filled with companies that value its community spirit and all the business development opportunities a business park offers. F60 is Explore Arlandastad’s modern business park.

Business opportunities and successful enterprises in the best location

It’s where companies with a core business in service, maintenance, manufacturing, or production gather. Companies with customers in Stockholm Arlanda Airport and among local businesses in the region, and have understood the logistics advantages of being next to the E4 motorway, between Stockholm and Uppsala. F60 is the place for companies that benefit from the airport city’s infrastructure. Companies here value a good working environment and climate-smart solutions.

F60 has grown into a place where people, the environment, enterprise, and business development meet. Ventures of all sizes are welcome, large and small – a variation which creates positive synergies. It is reflected in the architecture and spatial planning, designed with a mix of buildings and green spaces to give a city-like feel. Car, bus, bicycle, or on foot – freedom of choice in how people get about is just as much a priority as are transport and logistics for the companies that make up F60.

120,000 square metres in the ideal location

For vehicle companies the location could not be better, and for airport service companies it’s unbeatable. F60’s location? 20 minutes from Uppsala, 25 minutes from Stockholm, 2 minutes from the airport, and on the E4 motorway used by 100,000 people every day.

The first step is to develop the south end of the business park to provide bespoke customer spaces. Premises will be efficiently designed for production, industry, offices, and retail. The companies in at the start will have every opportunity to develop innovative, tailored solutions with us.

Our investment in infrastructure such as car parking and improved access will benefit F60 and the area as a whole. The new extension to the main road runs the length of the development, and like the large new tunnel under the E4 motorway provides easy access to the airport.

Visionsbild F60 Företagspark

F60 – A key part of something bigger

As part of Explore Arlandastad, F60 and the people who work there or visit the business park have access to far more amenities. There is Scandinavian XPO, where Scandinavia meets, with its exhibition halls, hotel, restaurants, event spaces, conference rooms, fitness centre, indoor shooting cinema, and much more. There is also Drivelab Stockholm, a unique training and event hub for the automotive industry that attracts people and companies from all over the world.

The whole area is being developed to capitalise on the many synergies between companies and people.

F60 Business park

F60 Företagspark

Welcome to establish your business here! 

Thomas Cassel, Kommersiell Projektledare
Thomas Cassel

Commercial Project Manager 
Small ideas need space to grow! 

Erik Nyberg Projektchef, Arlandastad Group
Erik Nyberg

Project manager 
Bring your ideas to me! 

Our projects


New multi-storey

Convenient, safe and plenty of space. To increase access, we will be building a new multi-storey next to DRIVELAB Center.

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En visionsbild av företagsparken F60 i Arlandastad illustrerad ovanifrån med ett flygplan som flyger över platsen

Explore Arlandastad Area 5

Area 5 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. An up-tempo area full of life and movement. Its large spaces are what make it a major venture offering a wide range of experiences. And this is where we are investing in F60, the airport business park.

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Visionsbild Scandinavian XPO

Scandinavian XPO – Phase 2

In Scandinavian XPO Phase 2 we will enhance the existing range of exhibition halls, lounge areas, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, event spaces, conference rooms, fitness centre, golf, and medical practice by adding large, flexible spaces where even more of tomorrow’s ideas take flight today.

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Visionsbild stadsdel 6

Explore Arlandastad Area 6

Area 4 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. The area greets anyone leaving the E4 motorway for Stockholm Arlanda Airport – an obvious opportunity to market your business to the hundreds of thousands of people going past on their way to and from the airport.

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Stockholm Hotel Apartments – Extended stays

Stockholm Hotel Apartment is a natural extension of Explore Arlandastad's high-quality accommodation offerings.

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Visionsbild Drivelab Sales and Service

Drivelab Sales & Service – Phase 2

Our ever-popular Drivelab Sales & Service is an established sales and service area. We are now offering a further 9,000 square metres of success story in a prime location. The business that takes this opportunity will have every chance to tailor the premises to its own specifications.

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Visionsbild Scandinavian XPO och Quality Hotel Arlanda XPO

Explore Arlandastad Area 1 –  City Centre

Area 1 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. Area 1 is the centre of Explore Arlandastad and the place where most businesses and visitors first meet.

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Visionsbild utveckling av Drivelab BIG

Drivelab BIG is continuing to grow

When big isn’t big enough. Trucks, buses, motorhomes, and construction, forestry, and agricultural machinery. Large vehicles need lots of space! Drivelab BIG is an ideal space and carefully designed meeting place for the heavy vehicle industry.

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Visionsbild Stadsdel 4

Explore Arlandastad Area 4

Area 4 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. It has all the ingredients to be a successful communications hub for the whole of Explore Arlandastad: driverless buses, footpaths and bicycle lanes, a commuter railway station, taxi ranks, and a junction with the E4 motorway.

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Tunnel under e4 Arlandastad

Infrastructure – Tunnel and main road

Careful planning and full integration – that is what’s behind Explore Arlandastad’s excellent infrastructure. The new tunnel under the E4 motorway makes for even better access. It is not only the large tunnel; the extension to our main road will soon be finished too.

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