F60 Företagspark

A business park with great prospects in a prime location and unbeatable premises

Big ideas need space! Especially businesses with big ideas, looking for room to grow. Discover your opportunities at Explore Arlandastad’s F60 Företagspark! A prime location for your business with tailored premises for offices, services, and production.

Location – The best of the best

Next door to Sweden’s largest international airport: an unbeatable location, especially for businesses that can capitalise on a major infrastructure hub or have geographically dispersed teams or customer bases. F60 Företagspark offers ideal conditions for companies with connections to the Arlanda area and motorways. For companies that depend on exports, deliveries, and the best infrastructure. For service suppliers that offer services and goods to the airport and related industries.

Explore Arlandastad’s F60 Företagspark is in an ideal location: on the E4 motorway midway between Stockholm and Uppsala, next door to Stockholm Arlanda Airport and the Stockholm Nord Intermodal Terminal. Our investment in infrastructure such as car parking and improved access is benefitting F60 Företagspark and the area as a whole.

The new extension to the main road will run the length of the development, and with the large new tunnel under the E4 motorway will provide easy access to the airport. Reach F60 Företagspark by SL commuter train to Märsta station, or there are trains and buses to Arlanda station. Frequent bus services will be using the new Halmsjövägen link road in good time for moving day. Pedestrians and cyclists will be a natural part of F60 Företagspark, and easily accessible electric vehicle charging points are in the pipeline.

Setting up in F60 Företagspark means setting up somewhere with a strong business climate that is constantly evolving. Sigtuna Municipality has set itself the goal of being one of Sweden’s 10 best local authorities for business and is working hard to put the personnel and structures in place. As property owners we work closely with Sigtuna Municipality to ensure our developments are designed with that goal in mind.

Premises – Customised and space-efficient

The possibilities are endless when you are involved in planning new premises that are fully customised to your business needs. At F60 Företagspark we customise the layout for every business, making the most of the space. Our modern new builds are certified green, and that means lower operating costs.

At F60 Företagspark we usually build properties after the tenancy agreement has been signed. It gives you a say not only in the layout, but also in the choice of materials and the functions of your building. As a collaborative process it means you may sometimes have to wait a little longer to move in, but you know everything will be just as you want it and your business will be moving into ideal premises.

We offer multistorey buildings for several tenants or for one large tenant. Premises at street level can be built with cargo doors and high ceilings, and connected to the upper floors where there are staff areas, meeting rooms, and offices. Office buildings up to 9 storeys are also an option.

The area has good fibre connectivity and power infrastructure. This means there is a high level of redundancy and protection for those businesses which need it, so security is robust.


Five facts about F60 Företagspark​​​

  • Take possession about 12–18 months after signing your tenancy agreement
  • Premises as far as possible adapted to your needs
  • All our new builds are certified green
  • Fibre and power redundancy offers high security
  • Green spaces and all services nearby

F60 Företagspark – Be part of something bigger, be part of a community

F60 Företagspark is the place where customers and partners come together to collaborate and synergise. It offers a variety of production premises and service functions. F60 Företagspark offers direct access to Explore Arlandastad’s portfolio of services, experiences, and attractive accommodation. Scandinavian XPO is a short walk away, one of Sweden’s largest events arenas with top meeting rooms, high security, and a wide range of services.

Find out how F60 Företagspark can help you make the most of your opportunities.

F60 Företagspark

F60 Företagspark

Discovering opportunities together. Let’s get started!

Thomas Cassel, Kommersiell Projektledare
Thomas Cassel

Business Developer
Small ideas need space to grow! 

Foto på Lena Wikman iklädd blus och mörk kavaj
Lena Wikman

Project Manager  
Welcome to maximize! 

Our projects

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Explore Arlandastad Training Academy

Explore Arlandastad is the ideal place for a community of sports, health, and innovation.

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Bake My Day vision picture of the fasade of the bakery

Bake My Day

Things don’t stop at the lease for 10,000 square metres, though, and Bake My Day is continuing to collaborate closely with Explore Arlandastad over the building work, to be done by the in-house construction company Applied Warehouses. By running side by side, the expansion project and the development of its new premises have got an early start.

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Explore Arlandastad Area 1 –  City Centre

Area 1 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. Area 1 is the centre of Explore Arlandastad and the place where most businesses and visitors first meet.

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Explore Arlandastad Area 4

Area 4 is a larger development area in Explore Arlandastad. It has all the ingredients to be a successful communications hub for the whole of Explore Arlandastad: driverless buses, footpaths and bicycle lanes, a commuter railway station, taxi ranks, and a junction with the E4 motorway.

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Rum från Stockholm Hotel Apartments Arlanda XPOmed trägolv, säng, köksbord för två och en fotölj

Stockholm Hotel Apartments – Extended stays

Stockholm Hotel Apartment is a natural extension of Explore Arlandastad's high-quality accommodation offerings.

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Visionsbild utveckling av Drivelab BIG

Drivelab BIG is continuing to grow

When big isn’t big enough. Trucks, buses, motorhomes, and construction, forestry, and agricultural machinery. Large vehicles need lots of space! Drivelab BIG is an ideal space and carefully designed meeting place for the heavy vehicle industry.

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Autonom fullstor buss i närbild

Full-size self-driving buses in world-first project

Together with RISE, Vy, Adastec and Applied Autonomy, Arlandastad Group has started a unique project with full-size autonomous buses in Explore Arlandastad. The goal is to investigate the conditions for introducing full-size autonomous buses for commercial traffic between Arlandastad and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

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Scandinavian XPO etapp 2

Scandinavian XPO – Phase 2

In Scandinavian XPO Phase 2 we will enhance the existing range of exhibition halls, lounge areas, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, event spaces, conference rooms, fitness centre, golf, and medical practice by adding large, flexible spaces where even more of tomorrow’s ideas take flight today.

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New multi-storey

Convenient, safe and plenty of space. To increase access, we will be building a new multi-storey next to DRIVELAB Center.

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Drivelab Sales & Service – Phase 2

Our ever-popular Drivelab Sales & Service is an established sales and service area. We are now offering a further 9,000 square metres of success story in a prime location. The business that takes this opportunity will have every chance to tailor the premises to its own specifications.

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